About Us
      Hi there, my name is Thane Sherrington, and I’d like to thank you for dropping by our website.  My parents, Richard and Ann, opened Computer Connection back in 1982 at the kitchen table of our farmhouse in Judique.  I still remember putting together our first IBM PC computer.  It was a beauty – it had 320Kb of RAM, two floppy drives, and a green monochrome monitor.  I really envy kids today starting out with 4Gb (over 4 million K) of RAM, huge hard drives, and gorgeous, high resolution monitors with millions of colours.
      Dad had programmed mainframe computers in Chicago, and while it had been a long time since he had written code, I remember him completely re-writing the text interface on our original computer so that we could start programs using a menu rather than typing commands. Instead of the standard “A:>” most computers displayed when you turned them on, our computer would say “Oh, hello there, what do you want to do now?
      That of course got me fascinated with programming, and since Dad only rarely let us buy computer games (which we had to order by snail mail back then) my brother and I would program our own.  I recall my first effort at a 3D game, where you piloted an X-Wing fighter and could fire lasers and torpedoes at incoming TIE fighters (yes, we were huge Star Wars fans).  Our attempts at rewriting Pac-Man were less successful, as we could never figure out how to make the ghosts stupid enough – they always ran directly at poor Pac-Man and got him before we could move more than a dozen steps.
      Dad opened the store in Antigonish right after my first year of university, and I took a year off to help get it running.  At what was probably the first staff meeting, I remember Dad saying “We are going to be the kind of business we would want to do business with.”  That philosophy guides us still.  Today, there are lots of places to buy a computer.  But you don’t want just a computer.  You want to send emails.  To write essays or novels.  To build business plans.  To create budgets.  To watch movies.  To play games.  To design houses.
      The most important thing is, you want to turn it on and use it.  You don’t want to spend hours setting it up.  You don’t want to deal with error messages or crashes.  When you have a question, you want to have an expert to ask.
      That’s where we come in.  Let us deal with the headaches of setting up your computer, making sure the updates are done, solving the errors and crashes.  You just use your computer.  And when you run into a question, call us, and we’ll answer it for you.  In English, with no computer jargon.